The best day EVER

Doing things by myself is something that I find a tad boring. I enjoy chatting to people and having company therefore I much prefer to do things in big groups or at least with one other person.

Today was an exception.

When the opportunity came up for me to go and look round the BBC studios at Media City, I didn't care whether I'd have someone to go with me or not - I simply had to do it. (Although I did mess things up a bit when I got off the tram at the wrong stop).

After walking the distance equivalent of two tram stops, I rewarded myself with a coffee and a little read of my book.

Looking round the BBC was everything I had hoped for and more. It really was amazing to see how much effort goes into even the tiniest little thing - for example, a lovely news presenter (Jessica Creighton) had to record the same bulletin twice because the team decided that they didn't like a picture they used in one of their cutaway clips.

I don't quite know why, but I expected everyone there to be a little snobby and pretentious yet I couldn't have been more wrong. Every single person I came across was so lovely, and had the time to chat to me and explain exactly what it was that they were doing.

Teamwork played a massive role - without everyone cooperating and pulling their weight, the show simply couldn't go on (as cliché as that sounds, it's so unbelievably true)

I don't want to get all hideously cringey, but this visit honestly inspired me so much, and has given me such an incentive to work hard to achieve my dreams. I walked around Manchester for the rest of the day with a massive smile plastered to my face - definitely looking like the biggest weirdo around town.

Side note : I've got no pictures of inside the actual BBC Quay House building, which I would love to excuse by saying 'go and visit it for yourself, it's worth it' (which it certainly is !!)  ... But my real excuse is that I was so in awe and full of excitement that I didn't even think to take my phone out my bag. Sometimes it's about living in the moment, without feeling inclined to capture it.

Because I was already in Manchester, I thought I should take full advantage of it and have a little
wander around. I stopped off at Paperchase cafe - a recent find of mine (surely i'm not the only who has only just realised these exist?!) and had a bit of lunch sat all on my lonesome *violins begin to play*.

Sitting by myself and eating a cheese and tomato toastie (which I, as usual, picked the cheese off of) is something which up until this point I regarded as weird and sad, but it actually felt so nice to sit and gather my thoughts without having some nutcase sat opposite me blabbering on about God knows what (.... sorry Alice, but I really do not care about what pens you want to buy!)

I then made my way to Manchester Art Gallery to look at the Vogue 100 Exhibition - something that I have always been meaning to do, yet never got round to doing so. There's definitely a certain satisfaction to spontaneously doing something you've always wanted to.

The exhibition itself was incredible, and it was so interesting to see the evolution of the most iconic fashion magazine and also realise just how much major events can influence style. (SN : you weren't allowed to take pictures)

Alongside this celebration of Vogue, another exhibition was being shown downstairs. Titled 'Fashion & Freedom', it showed pieces from many different designers' which were inspired by women's liberation. One of my favourite pieces EVER was the beautiful yellow creation below. The yellow of the dress was inspired by the Canary Girls - the title given to women who were being exposed to the toxin TNT which resulted in their skin turning a yellowy colour. The piece also incorporates trousers which is used to signify the struggle women had to go through to be allowed to wear trousers to work.

(I just had to buy a postcard of it, I thought what it represented was truly beautiful)

All in all, I've had one of the best days I've had for a very very VERY long time and am currently sat at home feeling unusually satisfied and proud of myself.

Hope you're having a lovely week

Grace x


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