E (short story)

Hi Everyone!

So a few months ago I wrote this short story called 'E', and have now decided to publish it on my blog. 

I hope you like it, and please let me know what you think! 

It was the 1920's and amongst the roaring of Jazz music and sparkly dresses, lived a being who had a secret. This particular person was dearly loved and worshipped by many. Whilst everybody claimed to know them, nobody knew a single thing about them - only the facts that they chose to publicize, which was anything but the truth.

E. Fitzgerald was both a male and a female - hence why they identified by an initial and not a real name. Her stage name was Evelyn Fitz - a famous Jazz singer, whose provocative stage presence stunned many, yet was hard to tear your eyes away from.

He was Edgar Fitzgerald and was a famous writer, whose tales of death and destruction occupied your thoughts for weeks on end. Combined, they were known as 'E' - two different personas, yet only one person. It was strange how nobody even assumed they were related, yet alone the same person.

It was hard juggling this kind of life, yet E wouldn't have it any other way. They believed firmly in the fact that you were put on this Earth to live a life, and it didn't matter how many lives you chose to live.

This idea came from the simple fact that E's mother was supposed to give birth to twins - a girl and a boy. However, upon a series of unfortunate events, E's 'brother' died in the womb. Struggling to accent the fact that her two babies had been whittled down to one, E's mother comforted herself by choosing to believe that E's brother's soul had intertwined with E's, and therefore her two children occupied the same body.

Growing up with this kind of pressure drilled into them, E had to take their mother's word over anything. Parents were the solid foundation of youth, and because E's father possessed a job which required him to spend most of his time away from home, they had to listen to the ideas that their mother constantly repeated over and over again. There was no other choice.

E's childhood was spent in hiding. If they came out one day identifying as a girl, and the next identifying as a boy, people were bound to talk - and this would've resulted in their mother being locked up. They thought that this situation was normal, and had become accustomed to this certain way of life. Their mother promised them that as soon as they were eighteen, they were free to travel the big, scary world.

Of course, their whole life hadn't been spent entirely indoors. When the moonlight was the only light present in the beautiful city of Baltimore. they were given there mother's blessing to explore the quiet streets - as though it was possible to find yourself in an empty city, that's streets echoed with silence.

When E's eighteenth birthday came around, they made the courageous decision to move to New York City. Never one to express an interest towards materialistic goods, E packed their eighteen years of existence into a tiny suitcase and headed off into the real world.

New York City was buzzing with people, and displayed a sense of individuality that E had never experienced before. The city quite literally never slept, so E was forced to brave the harsh daylight and walk around streets that were congested with people from all over the world.

The apartment E lived in was small and dingy, yet was everything that they had ever dreamed of. Still stuck on their previous way of living, E alternated the days upon which they identified as female and then a male.

Throughout Evelyn's adolescent life she dreamed of becoming a singer, and would fill the emptiness of her room with her haunting, yet beautifully eerie voice - mimicking the songs that she heard on her mother's treasured record player.

However, on the chosen days when Edgar would put on his short suit, shirt and tie, a pen and paper became his weapon against the world - his only source of sanity against the unaccepting society he existed in. Dreams of becoming a writer became his deepest wishes, and writing about murder acted as an escapism. Perhaps it is questionable whether these stories of violent murder were his darkest fantasies, as he felt that death was the only place that he would ever be truly accepted.

Set on these separate dreams according to the gender E was on that day, Evelyn worked hard in the studio. and lurked late at night in old Jazz bars - either performing on the stage or smoking and drinking liqueur with rich record producers who promised her that she would "make it".

Edgar, on the other hand, spent his days punching letters on his typewriter and hoping that the words he would type would amount to a mystery so thrilling it was cause perspiration to drip from every pore.

Strangely enough, both Evelyn's and Edgar's success happened at the same time, and soon they were being recognised for their talents. Evelyn found a producer who no longer used her vulnerability to get her into bed, and Edgar made acquaintances with a friendly publisher, who promised to publish his stories as long as he kept writing more.

Both shooting to fame overnight, and having so much in common, it became peculiar to the public why Evelyn and Edgar never attended the same events. Panicking that people were starting to realise, E was forced to come up with a plan.

That night, receiving the news that their mother had suddenly died, E knew that they were free to do whatever they wanted, and didn't need their mother's blessing to do so. E knew that it was time to come clean and let the public know the truth.

E announced their story on national radio, and shocked the world. No longer did they have to hide who they were, yet they still didn't feel happy. With that said, E died the true deaths of both writers and singers combined - a heart full of sorrow and a body overdosed on drugs and cheap alcohol.


Thank you for reading, I really hope you enjoyed it!

See you next Wednesday.

Grace x


  1. Kept me intrigued to the very end! You use such descriptive language, I can vividly see everything unfolding in my head. I like how unique your story is, and I like both E characters - although opposites with big personalities the two made sense to me. Keep writing and I'll definitely keep reading! Xoxo


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