A day at Capesthorne Hall

As a sucker for anything moderately historic, when my mum suggested a trip to Capesthorne Hall I jumped at the chance. Home to the Bromley Davenports since 1726, this was by far one of the most spectacular houses I have ever seen in my life.

my pretty sister

The gardens were beautiful too, with the 100 acres of land surrounding the house and the lake running in between, I felt like I was a combination of Daisy Buchanan and Elizabeth Bennet.

My complete and utter favourite thing about Capesthorne had to be the interior inside the hall. Usually when you visit places like this, it all looks a bit drab and dull, yet here they had painted the walls bright yellows and greens which looked absolutely amazing combined with the historic paintings, sculptures and antique furniture.

Although they said not to take pictures inside, I simply couldn't resist - as hopefully in the future I can use this as inspiration for my own place (it's good to dream big)!

What made the trip particularly special, was that my Nanna came with us. It is so easy to get swept up in the tasks of everyday life, and not stop and think about what is actually important. Family, to me, is something that I value very deeply - and I completely adore spending time with my grandparents.

Doing something a little bit different from what you would normally be doing on a Monday afternoon is so exciting, and it makes it just that little bit more fun doing it with your loved ones.

♥ nanna and mum 

Apart from stroking an infected cat and smacking myself in the face with a water bottle, which resulted in a massive lump forming on my lip - it was a lovely, lovely day and the perfect end to the summer holidays.

said cat ... I thought it's yellow eyes were its natural born beauty - oh, how wrong I was 

Thank you so much for reading, I'm sorry for the quality of the images - they're not as sharp as I would've liked them to be, and they certainly don't do the hall justice.

If anyone has any recommendations for cameras, then I'd love to know.



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