Every October Holidays, my family and I make it our mission to go on a city break. Here we usually wander round the shops - 'buying Christmas presents (for ourselves, mainly)' and looking at the University. Last year, University seemed an event that was extremely distant from then, but as each year approaches - it gets nearer and nearer.

Newcastle is an extremely friendly place, has great shops and beautiful buildings. Whilst we were there, the weather wasn't the greatest but that didn't stop us from wandering around and taking the city in. Although on the first day, this was done through the windows of shops. I picked up some great things though - so who's complaining? I got a grey hat, which a sassy drag queen told me was nice, but just not on me!

On Thursday, our lovely friend showed us around Newcastle University. The only thing that put me off it, was that it was very science based. Science. My absolute worst subject. Ever! For some reason, I never grasped it - especially Physics, that may as well be another language. Apart from that, I loved how it was very campus based and had a lovely sense of community.

After looking at the University, we went down to the Quayside. It had gotten dark by then, and the Millennium Bridge was lit up and changing colours. We had a Greggs (I chose a vegetable pasty and it was the most vile thing I have ever eaten) and then I forced my family into the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts. I personally love art galleries, but sadly the rest of my family don't share a similar interest. My brother and sister even resulting to colouring in, which I believe clearly indicates the sophisticated and cultural member of the family (me! ;) )

Getting the train home at night was fun and exciting, yet incredibly cold. We could even see our breath when we were sat inside the station, which thankfully provided proof that it wasn't me being 'stupid and over reacting' - thanks for that daily compliment, Alice!

Well, that's all for now! I will attach some pictures below of my trip, as always.
Thanks for reading,
Grace x

I felt like I was in New York (sort of...)

Alice looking poised and moody.

It's in his DNA

Fun fact: They had to sellotape the lid of my pick&mix to the carton as I had filled it up THAT much!

My attempt to be 'artsy and tumblr'


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