Chester Twighlight Walk

Last Sunday, my family and I made our way into Chester to complete The Twilight Walk for the Brain Tumour Charity. This is an organisation that is very close to our hearts, and we felt inclined to give something back - as their help and support has helped us a great deal over the past year.

Luckily, the weather stayed beautiful for the entire duration of the walk and Chester looked even more lovely at night time.

The walk was 10k and took us all over the city. It was extremely well organised  and very clearly sign posted. What made the walk so special was the support and atmosphere from all the other participators. Not once was it doom and gloom - everybody was so positive and happy. It was truly inspirational.

Passing the finish line was so uplifting, and an experience that I will definitely never forget.

The nicest lunch I've had in a while!

My lovely brother outside the cathedral

Alice and Luke ready to walk

En route

The finish line and the beautiful sunset


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