Last Saturday morning, we made the six hour car journey down to Somerset - where we had booked to stay in a cottage for a week. Whilst the car journey was long and tiresome, we finally made it to our destination. Situated in a small village named Wheddon Cross, our cottage was small and comfortable, and there was a massive window in the living room which allowed us to look out across the hills, and gave us a beautiful view of the sunset.

Our time in Somerset was very relaxing, we spent most days wandering around different villages, reading and watching The Big Bang Theory on TV (which I am attempting to learn the theme tune to). On Sunday, we even whipped out Monopoly which we hadn't done for a long time.

One of my favourite things about Somerset is the houses. The cottages that were scattered around the quaint little villages were like something you would expect to see from a story book, painted a sweet pastel shade and often had ivy growing up them.

The villages all had something in common ; each held at least two antique shops. I loved this, as you could peer into the window and would always see something new that would catch your eye. One of my favourite villages that we visited was Watchet - as this had a lovely harbour, and a large selection of antique/vintage stores.

Two other towns that we visited were Lynton and Lynmouth, and we got the cliff railway which helped us get from one to the other. Even though the railway track looks terrifying (it goes uphill and looks more like the track of a rollercoaster) it was absolutely fine, and not in the least bit scary.

My all time favourite thing that we did in Somerset was when we went kayaking. This was such a fun experience, and weather was glorious which made it so much better. We spent about an hour in the water, which was just enough time as my arm was beginning to ache from all the paddling.

All in all, although there wasn't an awful lot to do around there, I feel so much more relaxed and ready to start the new school year.

Here are some photographs from the trip;

The lake that we kayaked on.

The sunset

To get me through the long car journey... a peach ice tea.

A doll museum that we went to in Dunster.


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