Over the past few months, I have been lucky enough to visit many different places, all across England. A few days ago, I returned from the lovely seaside town of Llandudno. Due to the fact that I had never been here before, I was unsure about what to expect. I pictured a quiet resort by the seaside which was vastly occupied by the older generation. How wrong was I?!?

Although a wide range of the residents there were old people, it was also swarming with families. The beach and pier were buzzing with people of all different ages - especially in the arcade bit. (the two- penny slots are surprisingly addictive).

One of my favourite things about Llandudno was the promenade that led you right along the sea front. This was absolutely beautiful at the night time, when it was all lit up by pretty fairy lights which were strung from the lampposts.

On Tuesday, we walked up the Great Orme. Even though it was absolutely FREEZING at the top (I turned into a whingey baby...but I got a hot chocolate out of it;) ) the views that surrounded us were spectacular, and the sea went all the way round the hills. We walked down a different route than we had walked up, and we were led to 'The Happy Valley' which was a lovely park, that was filled with beautiful flowers and Alice in Wonderland statues.

That evening, we went to see 'The Carpentears' who were a Carpenters tribute act. I had only listened to segments of The Carpenters songs before, so I was not familiar with the lyrics or the tune. Again, my expectations were proved wrong as we all ended up having a fantastic night, and the tribute act were surprisingly great. The Carpenters may just have gained a new fan.

On Wednesday we drove up to Conwy, where we spent the day looking round the quirky shops, walking around the village and soaking up the sun in the park. Me and Luke even went and walked around the town walls, which gave us a great view of the town - seeing as we were very high up.

Thursday was our last day, so we decided to visit Betwsy-Y-Coed before we set off on our drive home. We weren't really in the mood to look round the shops, so instead we visited the waterfall (Swallow Falls). This was probably my favourite place we visited, as it was so picturesque and
tranquil - a lovely environment to be in.

As usual, I will insert a few pictures from my trip below. A majority of these were taken by my brother, Luke.

The lovely village of Conwy.

 I loved this building, and how they had attached a bike to the top of it!

    A few pictures of Swallow Falls, Betwsy-Y-Coed.


Climbing up and down the town wall ruins.


                 Llandudno Pier.

The lit up promenade.
The smallest house in Great Britain.





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